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The aim is to illustrate extensively the architecture of the buildings with photographs taken by the website owner. Information in the annotations comes mainly from The Buildings of England published by Yale University Press, referred to as Pevsner. The quotations are extracts only, appropriate to the images. See the publications named for the full descriptions of the buildings and their contents.

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Hertfordshire   Building Century and Style
Ayot St Lawrence - St Lawrence  18th - Greek Revival, Palladian
- Old St Lawrence 13th-16th - Gothic
- Shaw's Corner  20th (1902) - Edwardian (Bernard Shaw's house)
Knebworth - Knebworth House 19th - Victorian Gothic
- St Martin 20th - Lutyens
  St Albans - St Albans Cathedral 12th-20th - Mainly Norman and Early English
Belvoir - Belvoir Castle 19th - Gothic Revival
Aunsby - St Thomas a Becket 12th-15th - Norman, Decorated and Perpendicular
Folkingham - Village 15th, 17th, 18th - Perpendicular and Georgian
Great Hale  - St John Baptist 11th onwards - Saxon, Decorated and Perpendicular
Grimsthorpe - Castle 13th-19th - Mainly Tudor and Classical
Heckington - St Andrew Early 14th - Decorated
Helpringham - St Andrew 13th (c.1300)  - Decorated
- Manor Farm Late 17th century
Ropsley - St Peter 11th-17th - Anglo-Saxon, Norman and Gothic
Sempringham - St Andrew 12th - mostly Norman
Stamford - Burghley House  16th - Elizabethan
- St Mary 13th & 15th - Early English and Perpendicular
Swaton - St Michael 13th-14th - Early English and Decorated 
Walcot - St Nicholas 12th-14th - Norman, Early English and Decorated
  Bermondsey - Buildings of Bermondsey 17th-21st - Mainly Victorian and Postmodern
    - City Hall (London Assembly) 21st - Postmodern
    - Guy's Hospital 18th - Georgian Classical
    - Horselydown Square 20th - Postmodern
    - Tower Bridge 19th - Victorian
Chiswick - Chiswick House 18th - Classical/Palladian
City of London - 30 Cannon Street 1970s - Unique
- Guildhall 15th - Perpendicular
- Paternoster Square 21st - Modern stripped classical
- St Lawrence Jewry 17th - Baroque by Wren
- St Mary le Bow  17th - Baroque by Wren
- St Paul's Cathedral 17th - Baroque by Wren
Hampstead - Kenwood House 18th - Neoclassical
  Kensington - Albert  Memorial 19th - High Victorian
Kew - Kew Gardens Buildings 17th-19th 
King's Cross - Kings Place 21st - Modern
Richmond - Palace,  Asgill House 16th, 18th  -  Tudor, Classical
- Richmond Riverside 20th  -  Classical 
Southwark and Lambeth - 22 Buildings  14th-21st - Mainly Victorian and Postmodern
    - Southwark Cathedral 12th-19th - Early English and Victorian version
St Pancras - Station and Statues  19th, 21st - Modern Renovation of Victorian
- St Pancras Old Church 19th - Victorian Norman
- Tomb of Sir John Soane 19th - Classical
  Westminster  - St James's Church 17th - Classical, Wren
Binham - Binham Priory 12th-15th - Norman, Early English, Perpendicular
Blickling - Blickling Hall  17th - Jacobean
Burnham Deepdale - St Mary 11th, 14th, 19th - Anglo-Saxon, Perp, Victorian
Felbrigg - Felbrigg Hall 17th - Jacobean 
Holkham - Holkham Hall 18th - Palladian
Houghton - Houghton Hall 18th - Palladian
King's Lynn - St Margaret 12th-19th - Norman, Early English, Perpendicular
- St Nicholas 13th, 15th - Early English and Perpendicular
Little Walsingham - Priory and Shrine 13th, 20th - Early English and Modern
Salle - St Peter and St Paul 15th - Perpendicular
Sandringham - Sandringham House  19th - Victorian Jacobean
  Abingdon - Abingdon Buildings Index  
Compton Beauchamp - St Swithin 13th - Early English and Decorated
Ewelme - St Mary 15th - Perpendicular
- Houses 15th-19th - Medieval, Classical, Victorian 
Iffley - St Mary 12th (1170s)  - Norman, lavishly carved
Northmoor - St Denis 14th - Decorated
OXFORD - Town and Gown 11th-20th - Norman to Modern
Swyncombe - St Botolph 11th - Norman
Uffington - St Mary 13th (c.1250)  - Early English
- Whitehorse Hill Prehistoric
Woodstock - Blenheim Palace Early 18th - Baroque ( Vanbrugh and Hawksmoor)
Woolstone - All Saints 12th-13th  - Norman and Decorated
Barrington - Barrington Court 16th - Tudor
- St Mary 13th - Early English
BATH - Abbey Early 16th - Perpendicular
- Town 18th - Georgian Classical
- Jane Austen Houses 18th - Georgian Classical
Bruton - St Mary 14th-18th - Perpendicular
- The Town Medieval-19th
Evercreech - St Peter 14th-15th - Perpendicular
Lamyatt - St Mary & St John 13th, 15th -  Early English and Perpendicular 
  Wells - Wells Cathedral 13th and 14th - Early English and Decorated
Abinger Common - Goddards 1900 - Late Victorian ( Lutyens )
Busbridge - St John  19th - Victorian
Cobham - Church Stile House 15th (1432) - Medieval, timbered
Compton - St Nicholas  11th - Saxon and Norman
- Watts Chapel  19th - Late Victorian
Esher - St George 16th (1540) and 18th  - Classical additions
Guildford - Town 17th and 20th - Jacobean, Classical, Modern
Munstead - Munstead Wood 19th - Late Victorian ( Lutyens )
Ockham - All Saints 13th - Early English
Painshill Park - Garden 18th - Gothick landscaped garden
Shere - Lutyens cottages c. 1900 - Late Victorian ( Lutyens )
Stoke d'Abernon - St Mary Many periods - famous for its brasses
  Thursley - Village and church 11th to 1900 - Lutyens' childhood home
Waverley - Waverley Abbey 13th - Early English
Elsted, West Sussex - St Paul 12th - Norman, Early English, modern restoration
Uppark, West Sussex - Uppark House 17th - Classical
Amesbury - St Mary and St Melor 12th-13th  - Norman and Early English
Broad Chalke - Church and Houses 13th-18th  - Early English and Perp, later houses 
Clyffe Pypard - St Peter 15th - Perpendicular. With Pevsner grave.
Dinton - Philipps House 19th - Classical ( Neo-Greek )
- St Mary 13th-14th - Early English and Decorated
Farley - All Saints 17th (1690)  - Classical ( Wren influenced ) 
Fonthill - Gateway and Churches 13th, 17th, 19th
Great Bedwyn - St Mary 12th-15th - Norman, Early English, Dec, Perp
Great Durnford - St Andrew 12th-13th  - Norman and Early English
Mildenhall - St John 12th onwards - Norman, Early English, Perpendicular
  Lydiard Tregoze - Lydiard Park 18th - Palladian
    - St Mary 13th onwards - Decorated, Perpendicular
SALISBURY - Cathedral 13th - Early English
- The Close 17th and 18th - Mainly Classical houses
    - Arundells Mainly 18th - Sir Edward Heath's house in Cathedral Close
- St Thomas 15th - Perpendicular
- Clarendon Palace 12th - Medieval royal palace, little left
- Old Mill, Harnham 13th to 15th - Mainly Perpendicular
- St George, Harnham 12th - Norman and later
Stonehenge - Stonehenge Prehistoric
Stourhead - Stourhead House  18th - Classical ( Palladian )
- The Grounds  18th - Classical, Picturesque
- Church and Village  14th and later - Decorated, Perpendicular
Stratford sub Castle - St Lawrence 13th-18th - Early English and Perpendicular
Wardour - Old Wardour Castle 14th and 16th - Gothic and Elizabethan  
Wilton - Wilton House 16th-19th  -  Classical and revived Elizabethan
- St Mary and St Nicholas  19th - Italian Romanesque
    - ... Stained Glass 12th-16th  -   French, Flemish, German Swiss glass
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