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Wilton,  Wiltshire  -  St Mary and St Nicholas Church - Stained Glass
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Information from Wiltshire by Nikolaus Pevsner Revised by Bridget Cherry (1975) Yale University Press, New Haven and London,
and from the Church Guide.
  Quote from Pevsner:  An amazing collection of pieces from the Continent and England, starting with th wonderful panels in the apse. The central panel, part of one large figure, comes from the clerestorey of a French later C12 cathedral, the other panels are French C13 glass. The glass is from many French churches, e.g. Rouen Cathedral, Sainte Chapelle, St Germain des Pres, St Denis.  
  Central panel of chancel apse, French 12th century  
  First panel from the left, French 13th century.  
  Second panel from the left, French 13th century  
  Fourth panel from the left, French 13th century  
  Rightmost panel, French 13th century  
  South apse contains English, Swiss, French or Flemish glass of the 15th and 16th centuries.  
  North apse contains French glass of the 13th century in the central panel. In the left panel (pictures 2,3,4) English 14th century angels. Other panels have German, Swiss and Flemish glass of the 15th and 16th centuries.  
  North aisle, north-east window. The dark glass is German 14th century (Pevsner), probably discoloured by oxidisation. The other glass is 1860. All panels are scenes from the life of Christ, described in the church guide as follows from top to bottom:
Second picture above: Ascension  -  Christ in Judgment  -  Disciples kneeling at the Ascension? (double panel)
Third picture:  Shepherds  -  Birth in stable at Bethlehem  -  Calling of Disciples (St Peter?)  -  Disciples?
Last picture:  Presentation in Temple  -  Jesus among the Doctors
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