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The aim is to illustrate the architecture of the buildings using photographs supported by architectural descriptions. All photos are taken by the website owner, whilst the information provided by the annotations has been obtained from various sources in print and on the web. Two important sources are given at the bottom of this page.

H.C. Andersen
Carl Nielsen
King Canute

Copenhagen Building type Dates Style
Amalienborg Palaces 1750s Rococo
Amaliegade 15-17 Mansion 1750s Rococo
Bagsværd Church 1976 Modern (Jørn Utzon)
Barchmanns Palæ Mansion 1740 Baroque
Bernstorffs Palæ Mansion 1750s Rococo
Børsen Exchange 1623 Renaissance
Chancery Building Government 1721 Baroque
Charlottenborg Mansion 1670s Baroque
Charlottenlund Mansion 1733, 1881 Baroque
Christians Kirke Church 1755-69 Rococo
Christiansborg Palace 1907-16 Neo-Baroque
Christiansborg Chapel Church 1813-26 Neoclassical
Dehns Palæ Mansion 1750s Rococo
Diamanten Library 1999 Modern
Eremitagen Hunting Lodge 1736 Late Baroque
Frederiksberg Kirke Church 1734 Baroque, Rococo
Frederiksberg Palace Palace 1700-1730s Baroque
Frederiks Kirke Church 1749-70, 1875-94 Baroque
Grundtvigs Kirke Church 1921-40 "Neo-Gothic Functionalism"
Gule Palæ Mansion 1764 Neoclassical
Helligånds Church 1400s, 1630, 1878-81 Gothic, Renaissance
Holmens Church 1563, 1643, 1706, 1870s Renaissance, Baroque
Holsteins Palæ Mansion 1687, 1700s Baroque
Lindencrones Palæ Mansion 1753 Late Baroque
Lyngby Church 1150-1500 Gothic
Marskalsgården Mansion 1733 Baroque
Moltkes Palæ Mansion 1702 Baroque
Nikolaj Church 1582-91, 1909-17 Renaissance
Odd Fellow Palæet Mansion 1750s Rococo
  Opera House Theatre 2005 Modern
Palatial Mansions Mansions 1683-1764 Baroque and Rococo
Prinsens Palæ Mansion 1726, 1744 Baroque, Rococo
Regensen Student hall 1620s, 1731-49 Renaissance
St. Peter's Church 1450s, 1600s, 1700s  Gothic, Baroque
  Skuespilhuset Theatre 2008 Modern
Sophienholm Mansion 1805 Classical
  Stærekassen Theatre 1931 Art Deco
Thotts Palæ Mansion 1680s, 1760s Baroque
Trinitatis Church 1637-56, 1730s Renaissance, Baroque
Vor Frelsers Church 1694, 1752 Baroque
Vor Frue Cathedral 1817-32 Neoclassical
Øregaard Mansion 1806 Neoclassical

Borreby Manor House 1556 Renaissance
Bregentved Manor House 1736, 1891 Baroque, neo-Rococo
Bjernede Church 1100s Romanesque
Fredensborg Palace 1700s Baroque
Gisselfeld Manor House 1546-75 "Gothic Renaissance"
Gjorslev Manor House 1400-1843 Gothic, Baroque
Haraldsted Church 1100s, 1300s, 1400s Romanesque, Gothic
Holsteinborg Manor House 1598-1651, 1781 Renaissance, Classical
Hørsholm Church 1823 Neoclassical
Kalundborg Church C. 1200, 1400-1500s Romanesque, Gothic
Kirke Såby Church 1100, 1500 Gothic
Lerchenborg Manor House 1743 Baroque/Rococo
Nysø Manor House 1673 Baroque
  Roskilde Cathedral 1170-1200s and later additions Romanesque, Gothic
Rye Church 1100s, 1658, 1700s Romanesque, Gothic
Skibby Church 1100-1150, 1500, 1860 Romanesque, Gothic
Sorø Church 1165-85 Romanesque
  Sæby Church 1824 restoration Neo-Gothic and Neo-classical
Vemmetofte Manor House 1600, 1715-24 Renaissance, Baroque

  Liselund House 1793 Picturesque Neoclassical

Asperup Church 1150-1200, 1400s Romanesque, Gothic
Egeskov Manor House 1554 "Gothic Renaissance"
Hesselagergård Manor House 1538-50 "Gothic renaissance"
Lykkesholm Manor House 1600, 1780s Renaissance, classical
Nyborg Castle 1265, c.1550 Medieval, Renaissance
Nørre Lyndelse Church 1100s, 1500s Gothic, Renaissance
Svindinge Church 1570s Renaissance
Sønder Nærå Church 1200, 1500s Romanesque, late Gothic

Bregninge Church 1200, 1793, 1880s Romanesque, Gothic
Landet Church 1150, 1450, 1634 Romanesque, Renaissance
Valdemars Palace Manor House 1678, 1754, 1880 Baroque, rococo, neo-gothic


A good deal of the information on Danish buildings has been has been obtained from Niels Peter Stilling's excellent books on churches and manor houses entitled "Politikens bog om Danmarks kirker" (2000) and "Politikens bog om Danmarks slotte og herregårde" (2002) (Danish texts only). They carry much more information on the history of the buildings than has been given here.

An important source of information on the palatial mansions of Copenhagen is "50 palæer og landsteder" by Sys Hartmann, 1990, Gyldendal. This has very extensive histories of each building and its owners. 


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