Frederiksberg Kirke

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The unusual octagonal church with its pyramidical roof and Baroque spire was built in 1732-34. It was designed by the Frisian architect Felix Dusart, who was inspired by the church of St Anne Parochie in his home country. Red brick, white-rendered corner lesenes and tile roof. The sachristy was added in 1782 and the entrance porch in 1865.

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Octagonal Baroque/Rococo interior with four "floors" supported by eight slim marbled columns. The wooden galleries were, however, not installed before 1864. 

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Baroque altarpiece with pulpit and Corinthian columns and pilasters.
The first organ was installed in 1754 and it appears from the history of the church that the original Rococo facade had been removed and that it was returned from Øster Hassing church in 1934.

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The Neo-Classical hymn boards date from 1790.
The memorial plaque to the poet
Adam Oehlenschläger to the left of the altar dates from 1873.

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In the large, very attractive churchyard there are graves of many of the prominent figures of Denmark's Golden Age of the arts. The pictures here show the graves of Anders Sandøe Ørsted (one of the greatest legal talents of the time, and prime minister 1853-54) and his wife Sophie (Oehlenschlägers sister), the family Collin (H.C. Andersen's patrons and supporters), and below, Adam Oehlenschläger and his children.

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