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Borreby 1556 Renaissance
Bregentved 1736, 1891 Baroque, neo-Rococo
Gisselfeld 1546-75 "Gothic Renaissance"
Gjorslev 1400-1843 Gothic, Baroque
Holsteinborg 1598-1651, 1781 Renaissance, Classical
Lerchenborg 1743 Baroque/Rococo
Nysø 1673 Baroque
Sophienholm 1805 Classical
Vemmetofte 1600, 1715-24 Renaissance, Baroque
Manor houses on Fyn

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Near Skælskør, Sjælland (Sealand)

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Entrance block

A Renaissance castle erected 1556 by chancellor Johan Friis of Hesselagergård.
Two and a half floors, red brick under a red-tiled pitched roof.  Resting on stone plinth surrounded by a moat. Three towers on the north side and a stair-tower on the south. Windows with depressed arches, placed asymmetrically on the gable-sides because of the corner towers. Arched friezes above each floor as on Friis' earlier
Hesselagergård. The upper arches are carried on sandstone corbels. Behind these were the defensive walkway, now removed, but machicolation holes can still be seen all round the building.  The entrance block is from 1600.

Hans Christian Andersen connection

Near Haslev, central Sjælland

Dscn2844-lev-u1-540-u0.5-q60.jpg (50441 bytes)
East and north wings
Dscn2843-lev-u1-540-u0.5-q60.jpg (81234 bytes)
East wing
Dscn2841-crp-lev-u1-h405-u0.5-q50.jpg (54356 bytes)
North wing
Dscn2845-rot-crp-lev-u1-405-u0.5-q60.jpg (40076 bytes)

The east and south wings were built 1886-91 in a neo-rococo style by the architect Axel Berg on the foundations of an earlier  rococo house by Eigtved og Anthon. Mansard roof in copper and tiles. On the east wing a three-bay projection with pilasters and triangular pediment. Two-bay projections at the ends with segmental pediments.
The north wing was built 1731-36 by Laurids de Thurah. Black-tiled, hipped roof. A chapel on the first floor.
The square entrance tower with spire is also Axel Berg's neo-rococo.

Hans Christian Andersen connection

Near Haslev, central Sjælland

Dscn2846-u1-540-u0.5-q60.jpg (73089 bytes) Dscn2847-levdrk-u1-540-u0.5-q60.jpg (86091 bytes) Dscn2849-u1-540-u0.5-q40.jpg (70989 bytes) Dscn2853-levmidrght-u1-540-u0.5-q40.jpg (61008 bytes)
East North Over the entrance Northwest

Dscn2852-rotcrp-u1-540-u0.5-q40.jpg (69672 bytes) Dscn2850-u1-540-u0.5-q40.jpg (61922 bytes)
East wing Gables of east and north wings

Gisselfeld was built 1546-75 by the statesman Peder Oxe. Three wings contructed of large bricks (Danish "monk stones") under a red-tiled roof. Projecting section on the north side with main entrance. At the top of the walls a projecting walkway with machicolations and arrow slits. Round-arched windows and strip of arches below the eaves. Crow-stepped gables with blank arches. Striking resemblance to manor houses of the same period on Fyn, e.g. Egeskov og Hesselagergård, with their mixed "gothic renaissance" style.

Hans Christian Andersen connection

Stevns, Sjælland

Dscn2860-crop1-levrgb-varlt-u3-h540-u0.5-q60.jpg (88647 bytes) Dscn2860-crop-lev-u1-h600-u0.5-q50.jpg (72764 bytes) Dscn2861-rot-crp-varlt-vary-u2-720-u0.5t5-q30.jpg (77316 bytes) Dscn2862-rot-crp-levdkltmid-u2-720-u0.5t5-q60.jpg (81977 bytes)
East East South Southwest

An exceptional cruciform medieval castle built around 1400 by Peder Jensen Lodehat, bishop of Roskilde. Gothic pointed windows. Constructed of a mixture of Stevns chalk and large bricks (Danish "monk stones") and surrounded by a moat. The central tower is of seven floors. The south arm of the cross is slightly longer than the other three. A lower north wing was added in 1638 (only just visible in the right-hand picture). A long south wing was added in 1843. In 1666 the east wing with the main entrance was reconstructed as a stair-tower in baroque style. It stands at the end of "Broad Street" which is lined by red timbered farm buildings from 1713. The original crowstepped gables with blank arches were replaced in 1748 by hipped roofs and a pyramidical roof on the tower.

Near Skælskør, west Sjælland

Dscn2920-rotcrp-u1-h405-u0.5-q60.jpg (87224 bytes) Dscn2919-rotcrp-u1-h405-u0.5-q50.jpg (64357 bytes) Dscn2913-rotcrp-u1-540-u0.5-q50.jpg (72950 bytes) Dscn2914-u1-540-u0.5-q50.jpg (59259 bytes)
South wing East wing View to the south 

A four-winged house originally built 1598-1651 in renaissance style by the Trolle family and given the name Trolholm. Taken over by the Holstein family in 1707. Three of the four wings were changed to classical style in 1777-81. The renaissance style was retained in the west wing of which the corner tower can be seen here (whole facade at Hans Christian Andersen visited many times and had his room in the west wing.
From the house and grounds there is a lovely view across the water with its many swans to the tree-covered island of Glænø and the open sea.

Dscn2912-u1-540-u0.5-q40.jpg (66136 bytes)      Dscn2912-crp-u1-q50.jpg (56055 bytes)

Entrance at end of bridge across the moat.
The two headless statues symbolise the headless troll in the coat of arms of the Trolle family.

Dscn2911-u1-540-u0.5-q40.jpg (48012 bytes) Dscn2918-u1-540-u0.5-q30.jpg (59275 bytes)
Barn 1651 Other estate buildings

(separate web page)
Near Kalundborg, Sjælland

(separate web page)
Near Præstø, Sjælland

Bagsværd Lake, Copenhagen

Dscn2893-rotcrp-lev-u1-600-u0.5-q50.jpg (71280 bytes)       Dscn2894-levmid-u1-60-u0.5-q50.jpg (69020 bytes)       Dscn2895-rotcrp-u1-600-u0.5-q50.jpg (82295 bytes)

South (towards the lake), North and Northwest             

Elegant, clean lines in lovely proportions ... the French architect Joseph-Jacques Ramée's reconstruction in 1805 of Sophienholm in classical style for the owner Constantin Brun.  The country house was originally built by the previous owner Theodor Holm de Holmsjkold in 1768, and he named it after his wife Sophie.

More at Sophienholm website

Vemmetofte Kloster
Stevns, Sjælland

Dscn2858-lev-u1-540-u0.5-q50.jpg (65700 bytes)      Dscn2855-crp-u1-640-u0.5-q40.jpg (68013 bytes)      Dscn2854-u1-540-u0.5-q30.jpg (68736 bytes)
South,  north  and west

Baroque house built 1715-24 on the site of a medieval castle with a moat on all sides. The cellars still have gothic vaults and medieval brickwork. Around 1600 the castle was reconstructed in renaissance style. It was then rebuilt again in baroque style by the architect J.C. Ernst in 1715-24. The three tall wings (east, south and west) and the stair-tower in the courtyard stem from the renaissance building. The baroque changes include the many evenly spaced windows and the addition of the low north wing. The walls were all white rendered, as was common in the baroque period, but this was later removed. 

Dscn2856-crop-405-u0.8-q60.jpg (74882 bytes) The entrance in the south wing at the end of the bridge across the moat from the farm buildings courtyard. Dscn2857-u1-540-u0.5-q50.jpg (63577 bytes)

In 1735 Vemmetofte was set up as a home for unmarried daughters of the aristocracy. Since 1975 new rules have changed it into a retirement home.

History of Vemmetofte at its web site

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