Kongens Nytorv

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The main frontage towards Kongens Nytorv

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The courtyard: Main wing and side wings

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The rear wing from the courtyard

Charlottenborg is the oldest building on Kongens Nytorv. Built 1672-83 by Ulrik Frederik Gyldenløve, governor of Norway, son of King Frederik III and half brother to Christian V. Passed to the dowager queen Charlotte Amalie in 1700, hence the name.
Built in the Dutch Baroque style. The main wing and two side wings were built 1672-77, probably under the architect Ewert Janssen. The rear, fourth wing was added 1783 by Lambert van Haven.

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The main wing towards the square has two-bay projections at either end, balustrades, a decorative central section with Corinthian pilasters, sandstone decorations and window pediments, and a Tuscan/Doric portal with balcony.

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The central axis of the palace leads to the equestrian statue of King Christian V on Kongens Nytorv.

The bricks were brought from Kalø castle in Jutland which Gyldenløve owned and had pulled down.

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The rear wing consists of three pavilions. The central pavilion has a Tuscan arcade below, niches with busts above, and a lantern on the copper-covered roof.  The interior above the arcade is a splendid preserved Baroque room with a fine stucco ceiling.

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Behind the palace lay the garden, but in 1883 exhibition rooms were built by the architects Ferdinand Meldahl and Albert Jensen.

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The side wing towards Nyhavn

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