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Christiansborg Palace on Slotsholmen ("Castle island") in the centre of Copenhagen is the fifth castle or palace on the same site and "the third Christiansborg".  1. Bishop Absalon's castle (1167-71)  2. King Erik of Pomerania's castle (1416)  3. The first Christiansborg for Christian VI (1733-40) - burnt down 1794  4. The second Christiansborg (1803-28) - burnt down 1884  5. The third Christiansborg (1907-16)
It has been the seat of the government and parliament since the introduction of the first parliamentary constitution in 1849.

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The latest Christiansborg Palace was designed by Thorvald Jørgensen in a neo-Baroque style and built in 1907-16. The pictures above show the main, eastern facade. The building is clad chiefly in granite from the island of Bornholm. However, on the ground floor, where the colour of the stone is varied, granite from every municipality in the country was used. The mansard roof was originally tiled but this was replaced by copper in 1938.
In front of the palace stands the equestrian statue of king Frederik VII, who brought in the new parliamentary constitution of 1849. Unveiled in 1873.

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The south-facing wing is the main parliament building (first two pictures). The west side of the palace is open towards Ridebanen, the riding grounds and stables.

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The northern wing's appearance differs in that it includes stone from the previous Christiansborg by the architect C.F. Hansen. Also at the end of that wing, the entrance to the Supreme Court uses C.F. Hansen's Roman-Ionic portal from the previous palace. These features give a visual continuity with the palace chapel which survived the fire of 1884 and faces the north wing.

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The riding grounds and mews date from the first Christiansborg. This is a Baroque layout and design of 1738-44.


  The entrance is flanked by two Rococo pavilions designed by Nicolai Eigtved. The fine sculptures on the concave roofs are by J.C. Petzold.  
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