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Asperup 1150-1200, 15th century Romanesque, Gothic
Bregninge 1200, 1793, 1880s Romanesque, Gothic, 19th cent.
Landet 1150, 1450, 1634 Romanesque, Gothic, Renaissance
Nørre Lyndelse 12th, 16th century Romanesque, Gothic, Renaissance
Svindinge 1570s Renaissance
Sønder Nærå 1200, 16th century Romanesque, late Gothic
Churches on Sjælland
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Asperup Church
North-west Fyn

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A lovely church highly decorated with blind arcades. Stilling describes the tower as "so typically Danish that it almost hurts".
The original Romanesque building of 1150-1200 in granite can be detected in the plinth under the nave and chancel and in the filled-in windows on the north side. In the 15th century the enlargement in Gothic style took place. The chancel was raised and extended and a gable was added. A tower as wide as the nave was added to the west and a porch on the south.

Bregninge Church
Island of Tåsinge

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Almost nothing left of the building of 1200. A tower was added about 1500 but was altered in 1793 when a viewing tower was placed on top. In 1882-3 an extensive rebuilding took place when the nave was wrapped in a new red brick shell and the old Romanesque choir was replaced.
In the porch there is a Romanesque carved gravestone from about 1200. A figure of Christ is incised in it along with a runic inscription which reads "Sven Sassersøn lies below. Helge Degn incised me. Mester Bo made me."

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The Gothic vaults have been retained 

The Romanesque font is from c.1200. Granite with ornamentation

On the north side the burial chapel of the family Juel of Valdemars Slot

Renaissance pulpit, 1621

Island of Tåsinge

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Built 1100-1150 with nave, choir and apse on a stone plinth. The nave extended towards the west about 1450. A tower was built on top of the extension in 1634. South porch with Renaissance motifs was also added in 1634. There are several carved stones built into the structure, including a lion in granite on the south-east corner (photo on right).

Elvira Madigan Grave                    Dscn2718-lev-u1-740-q40.jpg (95320 bytes)

The grave of Elvira Madigan (circus name of Hedvig Jensen) and Sixten Sparre in the churchyard. The story of their love and suicide is told on the plaque (Danish and Swedish texts).
A film was made of the story which was particularly noted for its use of music by Mozart (Piano concerto no. 21 in C major, K.467).

Nørre Lyndelse
South of Odense

Dscn2752-rotcrp-levlghtmid-u1-h405-u0.3-q60.jpg (62463 bytes)

Originally built of granite at the end of the 12th century, see the exposed north-west corner of the nave. Extended 1525-53 with a new chancel to the east and a tower at the west. The tower was heightened and decorative Renaissance gables added in 1584, probably by the Italian Domenicus Badiaz who is known for his work at several manor houses on Fyn. Otherwise the characteristic Danish white-washed walls and red tiled roofs.

Carl Nielsen connection

East Fyn, south of Nyborg

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Built in the 1570s by Christoffer Valkendorf of Glorup. One of Denmark's few Renaissance village churches, although in general appearance a traditional Gothic church apart from the copper spire.

Sønder Nærå
South-east of Odense

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North West South South

Romanesque church of about 1100. The round blind arcades on the south and north sides shown below are witness to English inspiration (characteristic of Norman churches). A broad west-facing tower of two stories was added around 1200 but the upper floor was removed 1450-1500 when a new tower was built on the south side of the nave as a chapel. A new chancel replaced the earlier choir and apse. The north porch dates from about 1550.

Dscn2932-lev-u1-540-u0.5.3-q60.jpg (62105 bytes)      Dscn2929-lev-u1-540-u0.5-q50.jpg (88891 bytes) Dscn2930-levmid-u1-405-u0.5-q60.jpg (51728 bytes)

Romanesque blind arcades on the south and north sides. East gable

Churches on Sjælland


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