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Christians Kirke (Christian's Church) was built 1755-59 and the spire was added in 1769. For centuries the names of the Danish kings have alternated between Christian and Frederik, but this church was in fact built at the time of a Frederik (the 5th). The original name of the church was 'Frederiks German Church', built for the German inhabitants of that part of town. The name was changed to Christians Kirke in 1901 (after Christian IV of the early 17th century who founded this part of the town, Christianshavn). Thereby it was no longer confused with Frederiks Kirke near Amalienborg Palace.

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Designed by Nikolai Eigtved although he died a year before the building started. The style is the elegant late baroque/rococo of the period.  Constructed of yellow brick but with the large portal frontage and tower covered in sandstone. Ionic pilasters on the front, and tall, narrow round-arched windows on all sides. The copper-covered spire was added in 1769, designed by Eigtved's son-in-law G.D. Anthon.
(The yellow warehouse by the entrance lodges to the church was built in 1783 in three storeys with a further two storeys added in 1874.) 

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The church is wider than it is deep, and the interior is designed in the form of a theatre. On the south side is the stage with altar and pulpit above within a baroque portico in marble. The organ is above that. The other three sides consist of three tiers of theatre boxes constructed of marbled wood. The royal pew is high above the entrance opposite the altar. The decorative wood-carving is mostly the work of Simon Carl Stanley.

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A fine, long crypt under the church contains around 50 burial chapels.

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