Vor Frelsers Kirke

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Vor Frelsers Kirke, the Church of Our Saviour, on the island district of Christianshavn in Copenhagen was built 1682-94. However, its well-loved, highly distinctive spire came later, in 1749-52. It was designed by Laurids de Thurah and was inspired by Borromini's stone lantern of Sant'Ivo alla Sapienza in Rome. The final design ended up quite differently, though. It is taller, slimmer and constructed of wood covered with copper. It starts with the octagonal lantern topped by a gallery, then follows the spiral. The external stair has a gilded railing and twists round four times through 150 steps. The top of the spire consists of a  golden globe and the figure of Christ which is 3 meters in height. 

The square tower dates from the original church construction completed in 1694. It was then crowned with a pyramidical roof.

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The church was designed by King Christian V's chief architect Lambert van Haven in Dutch Baroque style. The plan is a Greek cross, i.e. with all arms of the same length, but with additional blocks in the four inside corners of the cross and a rounded square apse. Tall, slim, round-arched windows on all sides between Tuscan pilasters. The church is constructed of red brick but with the capitals of the pilasters and the horizontal band above of sandstone. The portal also of sandstone (see below). A hipped roof of black-glazed tiles covers the cross, whilst the the roofs of the corner blocks and apse are copper-clad.

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The main entrance below the tower is a Corinthian portal. Pediment with Christian V's monogram. 

More information at the church website, including the interior.


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