The Royal Theatre, Copenhagen - Skuespilhuset (The Playhouse)

Skuespilhuset (The Playhouse in English), opened in early 2008, stands in the harbour of Copenhagen. In the background above, the  Opera House on the other side of the water, opened on 2005. Both form part of The Royal Theatre together with the original theatre building of 1874 in Kongens Nytorv (shown at bottom of page).

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  Skuespilhuset 8 Skuespilhuset 2 Skuespilhuset 1  
  The theatre was designed by Boje Lundgaard and Lene Tranberg of Lundgaard & Traneberg Arkitekter. It contains three stages of different size.
The prominent elements are: The oak-planked promenade leading to the entrance and around the building. The large foyer of glass in front of the brick-covered building. The projecting upper floor of coloured glass. The scenery tower covered in copper.
  Skuespilhuset 5 Skuespilhuset 4 Skuespilhuset 3  
  The glass facade of the large foyer reflects the harbour area.  
  Skuespilhuset 9 Skuespilhuset 6 Skuespilhuset 7  
  The bricks of English clay were designed to a special shape and colour for Skuespilhuset. The large foyer with stairs and balconies as seen through the glass from the outside. The restaurant in the foyer with a view across the harbour.  
    Skuespilhuset 10    
  View across the harbour to Christianshavn  
    Det Kgl. Teater    
  The original Royal Theatre in Kongens Nytorv was opened in 1874.
Now referred to in programmes as the Old Stage.
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