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  Stærekassen (The Nesting Box in English) is a theatre opened in 1931 as an additional stage, correctly called the New Stage, for The Royal Theatre, which then became the Old Stage. Designed by Holger Jacobsen in an art deco inspired style.

The stage tower joins the Old Stage of 1874 to the New Stage. It had already been christened the Nesting Box by critics of the first published drawings, which originally included a round window high up.

The building was intended for both the Royal Theatre and the Danish state radio. The upper part of the main building housed the radio studios, but the state radio moved out in 1945.

The sculptures on both sides of the tower are by Einar Utzon-Frank. Towards Kongens Nytorv (first picture): the muse of tragedy, the god Apollo, the muse of comedy. On the opposite side: Mozart with violin (music), Eros on the swan (dance), Shakespeare (drama).

The Royal Theatre left
Stærekassen in 2008, when the new playhouse Skuespilhuset opened by the harbour. The building is now rented out for cultural and other purposes.
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  In the arched passage under the stage tower a large mosaic by Ejnar Nielsen, composed of three million pieces obtained from mosaic factories in Venice. The world of the arts is represented by figures of Hans Andersen, Carl Nielsen and others, whilst the world of  radio is represented by physicist such as H.C. Ørsted and Niels Bohr.  
Det Kgl. Teater               Kongelige Teater
  The Royal Theatre on Kongens Nytorv dates from 1874 and was designed by Vilhelm Dahlerup and Ove Pedersen.  
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