Sankt Petri Kirke
St. Peter's Church, Copenhagen 

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South transept, choir and north transept

Originally a Romanesque stone church which burnt down in 1386. Rebuilt c.1450 in brick in Late Gothic style with nave and choir with a three-sided east end (so far without the transepts).  Buttresses all the way round between windows with pointed arches. The tower was then added, with crowstep gables. The appearance then can be seen here (at the church website). It was closed after the Reformation and used as a canon foundry, but then restored in 1585 as a church for the German-speaking community. Significantly extended in the 1630s by the addition of north and south transepts (taller than the nave), creating a cruciform church. The transepts have round-arched windows in contrast with the older choir. In the 1690s the north transept was further extended, and the east gable was given its Baroque appearance (replacing the crowstep gable with a triangular pediment and pilasters).

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Copper-clad spire in Rococo style by Johan Boye Junge in 1757.
The Gothic tower from the west and south.

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The main entrance in the south transept is a Baroque portal in sandstone by Diderik Gercken in the 1730s. Unusually embellished Ionic capitals in imitation of Michelangelo's Palazzo dei Conservatori in Rome, 1568.

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The interior. The fixtures all had to be replaced after the city fire of 1728. Baroque altarpiece with Corinthian columns.

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The boundary wall along Nørregade. The great Danish architect of the Rococo period, Nicolai Eigtved, is buried here.

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The sepulchral chapels in three wings around a quiet space were built in 1681-83. An extension connecting them with the north-west corner of the church was added in 1740. Many leading historical figures are found here. Through wooden trapdoors in the stone floor one enters the underground crypt which contain the coffins of more modest citizens in three or four layers.

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St. Peter's Church and the Cathedral from Frederiksholms Kanal


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