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Richmond Riverside - a period re-creation by Quinlan Terry 1984-87. A variety of new buildings in different Classical styles of the 17th-19th centuries, giving the impression of piecemeal development through that period. Incorporates three restored buildings. The buildings vary in styles, materials, colours and textures, e.g. red and yellow brick, reconstituted stone, stucco. Inside is mainly offices. There are other buildings behind the river frontage not shown here.

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View from the east end to the west. Flights of steps descend to the river through levels of terraced lawns.

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The restaurant building with round-arched colonnades on both main floors, Tuscan below, Ionic above.

Adjacent to the restaurant building is Whittaker House, a stuccoed terrace of 21 bays. Inspired by a non-executed 1760s design by Sir William Chambers.

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Hotham House, in the style of an English late 17th century country house.
South Gate with Palladian style archway and Venetian windows. Restored buildings on either side, to the left Heron House of 1716, to the right Palm Court of the 1850s.

Tower House at the east end is a remodelling of an Italianate building of 1856.

David Watkin on Richmond Riverside and Quinlan Terry's work - at City Journal website

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