Clyffe Pypard,  Wiltshire  -  St Peter Church
15th century

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Notes in italics from Wiltshire by Nikolaus Pevsner Revised by Bridget Cherry (1975) Yale University Press, New Haven and London

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Perp W tower, ashlar-faced, stair-turret higher than the battlements. Pinnacles. 

Perp nave and aisles and S porch.
All over-restored in 1873-4 by Butterfield, who also rebuilt the chancel in 1860.

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Nave arcades with thin octagonal piers. Arches with two hollow chamfers, perhaps interfered with.

Nice wagon roof with tie-beams.

Rood screen ... with one-light divisions and one carved band along the top.

Pulpit. An exceptionally splendid piece, dated 1629.

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Tomb recess in the N aisle ... effigy of the later C14, still cross-legged. It is very damaged.

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Monument. Thomas Spackman, carpenter, died 1786. By John Devall Jun. White marble. He stands on an orange marble base, dressed in ideal clothes with a long flowing mantle and holding an eloquent pose. Below to his l. and r. two children reading and writing. ... The monument displays plenty of the tools of the carpenter's trade, a gratifying sight in an age of such snobbery in monuments.

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Pevsner grave.
Headstone for the Pevsners by Will Carter of Cambridge, 1963, slate.

Churchyard gates with
two inscribed plates:
In Memory L.P.
In Memory N.P.

Scenery to the north-east where Pevnser had a country cottage and did much of his writing.
The White Horse ... was cut out of the turf as late as 1863.


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