Painshill Park, Cobham, Surrey

18th century landscaped garden

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Entrance - Rape of the Sabine Woman - Vineyard and Lake

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Gothic Abbey - Turkish Tent

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Gothic Temple

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Chinese Bridge - Gothic Tower - Grotto

Extract from Pevsner:  The fame of Painshill was its grounds, laid out picturesquely by the Hon. Charles Hamilton, son of the Earl of Abercorn, in the 1740s. Mason and Horace Walpole  praised them, Whateley  illustrated them. ... Paths lead along a long lake towards an island. On the N side of the lake the Gothic Abbey, of brick, with hexagonal angle turrets. On a hill a little further N the Gothic Temple or Tent, an 'umbrello' with open sides. (Walpole was very critical of this. 'The Goths never built summer-houses or temples in a garden.'). On the island all kinds of tufa structures ... At the extreme SW end of the grounds ... a tall Folly Tower of c.1770, four storeys, brick, in good condition, with a big circular stair-turret and simple Gothick tracery in the windows. ...
(Surrey by Ian Nairn and Nikolaus Pevsner, Revised by Bridget Cherry (1971), Yale University Press, New Haven and London)

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