Ockham, Surrey  -  All Saints Church

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Notes in italics from Surrey by Ian Nairn and Nikolaus Pevsner, Revised by Bridget Cherry (1971)
Yale University Press, New Haven and London

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Effectively a C13 framework ... The E window for which Ockham is famous is also C13 - seven lancets ... Was it here originally? ... it is inserted above three single lancets which were probably C13 (a triple Norman window starting so low in the wall is very unlikely) ... perhaps the seven-light window came from the nearby Newark Priory at the Dissolution. ... 

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Also authentically medieval two good curvilinear windows in the nave S wall (three lights under two dagger shapes under a quatrefoil). Tower Perp, and probably post-Reformation, judging by the plainness. 

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On the N side is the King Chapel, built c.1735. The outside is plain brickwork (headers only), with pointed arches with inserted C19 Gothic hoods to them ...

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Grave tombs in various states of repair.

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Nearby the Hautboy Hotel of 1864. Built in the late Gothic style.

The village is the birthplace of William of Ockham, or Occam, famous for the philosophical or scientific principle Occam's Razor.  



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