Bruton,  Somerset

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Notes in italics from South and West Somerset by Nikolaus Pevsner (1958) Yale University Press, New Haven and London

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To the W of the church in the street called Plox remains survive of the Abbey Wall, with a long row of buttresses. This belonged to the Augustinian Priory founded in 1142 and made into an abbey in 1511. Attached to the wall is the stately Vicarage, dated 1822. On a hill to the S the prominent tower-like four-gabled Dovecote of the abbey. Some mullioned windows. Is it C16?

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Opposite the abbey walls, King's School, founded in 1519. Fourth picture: Plox House.
Fifth: Facing into Patwell Street at its S end a Late Georgian stuccoed facade with giant pilasters.

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West wing

South wing (Chapel and Hall)

Rear of south wing

West face of east court
Sexey's Hospital founded in 1638. It consists of two courts of which the W court is original (shown here). Three ranges, two with wooden gallery of access to the upper tenements, and Chapel and Hall. The Chapel has ... three-light Perp windows with the centre light raised so as to give a stepped top to the window and with hood-moulds. ... Above the Hall entrance late C17 bust of the founder surrounded by garlands. Signed by William Stanton. The E court was rebuilt in 1820.

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Congregation Chapel of 1803, a broad symmetrical five-bay front with angle pilasters, and windows exhibiting the usual Y-tracery

Bruton Church


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