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Notes in italics from Surrey by Ian Nairn and Nikolaus Pevsner, Revised by Bridget Cherry (1971)
Yale University Press, New Haven and London.

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A delightful, most endearing little church. ...
Built of stone about 1540. Wooden bell-turret with pyramid roof.

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  Brick S chapel as the family pew of the Duke of Newcastle, built in 1725-6, probably by Vanbrugh.  At the same time alterations to the chancel. The C18 windows are arched.  N aisle added in 1812. Also brick, with a castellated E end.  

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  West gallery 1840-2.
Reredos of 1722 with nice carving. C18 three-decker pulpit.
Open roof with tie-beams and collar-beams.
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  The N arcade has tall round oak piers.   

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Newcastle Pew. Simple interior with a ceiling very sparingly decorated, but an extremely fine front towards the church like that of a garden temple or a summer house: two angle pillars and two columns, all Corinthian, carry a pediment.

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