Arundells, Cathedral Close, Salisbury, Wiltshire
The Home of Former Prime Minister Sir Edward Heath
Arundells, garden view ofSalisbury cathedral
Arundells, Salisbury          Dscn3650-transf-levmid-u1-h550-u0.5t3-q30.jpg (80694 bytes)         
  Sir Edward Heath lived here from 1985 until his death in 2005, and the house is now preserved in his memory. He was leader of the Conservative Party 1965-75 and prime minister 1970-74.
The house was originally a medieval canonry but since the late 1500s was leased by the Cathedral Chapter to lay tenants. John Wyndham acquired the lease in 1718, and much of the classical Queen Anne appearance of the house as we now see it dates from his re-building. Wyndham's daughter married the son of the the sixth Lord Arundel in 1752, hence the name.
Sir Edward Heath bought the lease in 1985 and subsequently the freehold in 1992.
The house and garden are open to the public from spring to autumn. Full details and interior views at Arundells Website.
  First picture, Queen Anne side elevation. Second and third picture show the rear, with Jacobean early 17th century north-west wing,14th century mullion window, Georgian staircase window, 1960s utility room, and Victorian terrace.  
  The garden of about two acres was landscaped to Sir Edward Heath's taste and style.  
  The garden runs down to the rivers Avon and Nadder, with a view of the water meadows beyond. The Victorian bronze figure of a girl with a begging bowl is by the sculptor G.E. Wade.  
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