Newbury,  Berkshire
Market Place and Wharf Street

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Notes in italics from Berkshire by Nikolaus Pevsner (1966)
Yale University Press, New Haven and London.

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Museum, Wharf Street. The most interesting house in Newbury. Built in 1626-7. Commonly called the Cloth Hall, but it was built (with money left by John Kendrick of Reading) as a municipal cloth-weaving workshop to give employment to the poor. Three wings were intended, but only one was built. Timber-framed, the ground floor with six columns carrying segmental arches, each with a pendant. One would assume that they were originally open, but the doorway to the W is original with its straight hood on bracket. Massive overhang. Top gables. The building is continued to the E  by the so-called ...

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Corn Store, a long timber-framed building with an outer upper gallery. Originally the Kennet wharf was close to it. ... What is the date of the Corn Store? Mr. R. Neville Hadcock suggests c.1660-80. 

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Town Hall, Market Place. 1876-81 by James H. Money (a local architect). He imitates Waterhouse. Blue and red brick, a tower on the l., a much higher one on the r., differing in a characteristically Victorian way. The peculiar hardness of it all is very similar to Waterhouse's. ...

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Corn Exchange, Market Place. 1861-2 by J.S. Dodd. Stone, restrainedly Italianate. Three bays. with pairs of giant pilasters, only the angle ones differing from the others. Pediment all across. Arched windows. 

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Natwest Bank, Market Place. Broad and stone-faced along the N side. It is of 1864, by J. Chancellor ... The style is that at the time called Italian Gothic.

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St Nicolas Church

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