Newbury,  Berkshire
London Road, Oxford Street and nearby

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Notes in italics from Berkshire by Nikolaus Pevsner (1966)
Yale University Press, New Haven and London.

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St Joseph and the Sacred Heart (R.C.), London Road. The old, small, featureless red brick church of 1864 stands by the side of the new, large, inappropriately Early Christian or Byzantine or Italian Romanesque, equally red church with its separate high campanile. Only the top of the campanile goes a kind of free Renaissance. The church has a semicircular porch with green marble columns ... The church is of 1923-8 by W.C. Mangan.
An impressive structure despite Pevsner's purist views.

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London Road No.40 has a flat Gothic three-bay front with battlements. The doorway has an ogee arch and thin tripartite shafts, the windows are straight-headed. ... At the top of Broadway (where London Road meets Oxford Street) is the Clock Tower, with a colonnaded base like a market cross. It dates from 1929.
Thames Court, 20-22 The Broadway, behind the clock tower, looks 17th century but with much renovation. Most, but not all, of the brickwork looks well-renovated whilst the window pediments look old. Pevsner makes no mention of the house.

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Methodist Church, Northbrook Street. 1837-8. Stone-built, in the lancet style (i.e. Early English of the 13th century)

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Oxford Square, Oxford Street

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No. 27, Oxford Street, once more Early Georgian, five bays, segment-headed windows, but round-arched ground-floor windows and mid-window, and a little further on, the High House, Late Georgian, of three storeys. Opposite is No. 2 Bath Road, a very fine house of five bays, blue and red, with strong angle pilasters, a three-bay pediment, and again segment-headed windows. The house has a date 1720 on the roof. The porch with Roman Doric columns and a pediment is later.

Market Place and Wharf Street

West Mills

Newtown Road Area

St Nicolas Church

St John's Church 

Map of Newbury 

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