Plateau d'Assy, Haute-Savoie,  France
Église Notre-Dame-de-Toute-Grâce

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Not far from Chamonix, the church stands in a beautiful situation on a mountain-side facing Mont Blanc. It was designed by the architect Maurice Novarina and was constructed in 1937-45. Inspired by the region's traditional domestic architecture, it is built primarily with local materials. Its extensive decoration in contemporary style by a range of artists was completed by 1958.
The mosaic on the facade is by Fernand Léger.

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The tapestry in the choir is by Jean Lurçat and depicts the Woman triumphing over the Dragon of the Apocalypse. The windows in the gallery are by Bazaine. A number of other artists are represented in the church, including Bonnard, Braque, Chagall, Lipschitz, Matisse, Rouault. (More images at website by Fabrice Blanc).
The crypt in the right hand picture is entered by the east door, see below.

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