Combloux Church,  Haute-Savoie,  France
L'Église Saint-Nicolas de Combloux

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The baroque church of Saint Nicolas was built in 1702-4, replacing an earlier church on the site. The steeple was destroyed in the French Revolution and rebuilt in 1828 to a design by C.F. Amoudrux. With its double bulb and double gallery it is one of the finest in the Savoyard baroque style. The facade has a large granite portal and is decorated under the overhanging roof with paintings of the legend of St Nicolas by Edouard Borga (20th century). 

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The altar-piece is of the 18th century. In front of it to the left is a painting standing on an easel, see enlargement in right-hand picture. I have no information about it but it appears to be medieval or early Renaissance.

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The village of Combloux is situated in the French Alps in a stunning mountain setting including Mont Blanc, the highest peak in Europe.


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