Odiham,  Hampshire  -  All Saints Church

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Notes in italics from Hampshire and the Isle of Wight by Nikolaus Pevsner and David Lloyd (1967)
 Yale University Press, New Haven and London.

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A large flint church, with a brick tower embraced. The tower is of the C17, English bond, with angle pilasters and the bell openings surrounded by rustication and flanked by pilasters (Ionic capitals); battlements.

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The aisles have few and C19 windows. Tower doorway 1897.

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Perp N porch entrance, pretty Perp N doorway with leaf in the spandrels.

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Both the arcades are high and Late Perp, but they differ considerably. First S, four bays, the slender piers of the often-seen section of four shafts and four diagonal hollows. Moulded arches. Latest perp the N arcade of three bays with octagonal piers, concave-sided capitals and nearly round double-chamfered arches.

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The two-bay arcades to the chancel chapels are early C13. Round, short piers, octagonal abaci, single-chamfered arches.
West galleries. 1632, with bulgy columns and sturdy balusters.
In the nave W wall the tower arch is early C13, see the imposts and the one slight chamfer. ...

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Pulpit. 1634. Of the Basingstoke type. Arched upper panels with flower vases, rectangular lower strapwork panels.

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In the churchyard outside the north wall are two gravestones to French prisoners from the Napoleonic wars, one in English, the other in French.

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The Pest House on the southern edge of the churchyard is from about 1625. Intended for sufferers of infectious diseases. From about 1780-1930 it was used to house indigent parishioners. More information at the website of the Odiham Society.

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