The Vyne,  Hampshire
16th century

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Notes in italics from Hampshire and the Isle of Wight
by Nikolaus Pevsner and David Lloyd (1967)
Yale University Press, New Haven and London.

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The Vyne is one of the most rewarding houses in Hampshire, both visually and historically. The house represents three periods ... c.1520-5 (Lord Sandys), c.1655 (Chaloner Chute), c. 1760-70 (John Chute) ... Some alterations were made by Wigget Chute after 1837 ...
The Tudor house first. It was apparently much larger than the house is now
... The Tudor house, as far as it still stands, is of two storeys, red brick with blue diapers. The only original windows are on the S front on the r. of the middle porch (in basement in middle picture). They are of one and two lights, with uncusped four-centred heads to the lights. The S front otherwise consists of a recessed centre and and two gabled wings. Small square projection in the re-entrant angles. There were raised, tower-like eminences on the ends as they now exist only on the N front.

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The Commonwealth contribution (i.e. 1650s) is chiefly the N portico. This is by John Webb. It is of brick, rendered, with giant columns carrying lush Corinthian capitals. There are two columns and two square angle pillars. The pediment is of wood. This portico is the earliest domestic portico in England ... The view from the portico to the lake is exquisite. ..   

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The plan of the S front is that of Barrington Court in Somerset, i.e. an E-plan. Where the porch is now there no doubt always has been a porch. Barrington Court was begun c.1514, i.e. just a few years before The Vyne. The centre part of the front is eleven bays wide. 

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The porch doorway with its open pediment must be Webb's, although it is very quiet, much quieter in fact than Webb's side doorways in the square angle projections.

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The windows all have receding surrounds, all of Webb's time, though the sashing must of course have been done later. There are no Webb windows preserved at all. They no doubt had mullion-and-transom crosses. The wings start to the inside with big chimney-breasts, but the stacks are mid C19. The canted bay windows in the end walls are Georgian.  

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The W front is all diapered brick, but the r. part is c.18, of four widely spaced bays. At the l. (NW) corner is a square projecting tower rising to three storeys. This prepares for the N or portico front.

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Here the tower repeats at the l. (NE) end. The towers are two bays wide, the rest of the facade including the portico has eleven bays. The battlements are mid C19 ... The N front the house has as a l. hand appendix the antechapel with Victorian windows in two tiers and the chapel with its polygonal apse to the E and its transomed windows with four-centred heads. The windows have uncusped arches below the transom, but cusped ones at the top. They are actually Victorian, but repeat the original ones of the E apse. ... The chapel apse has original battlements with shields. ...

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East end of the house. Canted 18th century bay, behind it John Chute's tomb chamber.

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Separate buildings close to the house.

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In the grounds, near the house and close to the main road, is a garden pavilion by Webb. It is of brick and in the uncourtly style of Mills. Two storeys; round. Dome with a fishscale pattern, and four projections, each with a round-headed doorway and a round-headed window over. The windows are flanked by brick pilasters. In the diagonals on the upper floor are two small niches, one above the other. 

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View of the lake from near the garden. The oak tree beside the pavilion is thought to be over 600 years old.
One of the Lodges. They repeat the pattern of the pavilion, a little simplified, and are probably C18 work.

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