Ancestors of Johan Peter Christian S?dring:   Peter Michael S?dring   Marie Sofie Johansdatter  Jens Malthe Nicolaj S?dring   Idgen Louise Asmussen
Johan Andersen Vendelbo   Maren Kirstine Kj?ldsdatter   Michael Jensen S?dring   Elisabeth Agnetha Wiborg   Jens Asmussen   Sine Marie Hansen Lund
Anders J?rgensen Wendelboe   Jens Mikkelsen   Karen Stephensdatter   J?rgen S?rensen Wendelboe   Birthe Nielsdatter

Index of All Ancestors
Ancestors of Johan S?dring

       Michael S?dring and Elisabeth Wiborg - the Story of the first S?dring            Baptism of Jens Malthe Nicolaj S?dring

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