Jens Malthe Nicolaj Sødring

Baptism of their son Jens Malthe Nicolaj Sødring on 5th January 1798

(Although written here as Maltha, in subsequent records such as marriage and death
he was Malthe and this is the spelling used for later generations)

 The writing is in Gothic except for the names

Danish Transcription

English Translation


On 5th January Michael Jensen Sødring gardner and
Elisabeth Agnethe Wiborg of 18th Dam had a son baptised, named
Jens Maltha Nicolaj, Madam Bodenhoff carried him and Maid-in-Waiting
Matthiesen held the bonnet, Captain Jørgensen of the Navy,
Councillor Philip Lange and Scholar Carsten Friis were godfathers.

  His godmother Madam Bodenhoff was one of the wealthiest women in Denmark, only 19 years old and already a widow. She had married Andreas Bodenhoff at the age of 17, but he died soon after. And then she herself died only six months after being godmother to Jens Malthe.
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  Maid-in-Waiting Matthiesen may be related to Birgitha Mathiesen, first wife of Johan Winther, who was Elisabeth Wiborg's first husband.  
  The three godfathers:
Councillor Philip Lange was a prominent architect and builder, son of an even more famous architect Philip de Lange.
Carsten Friis is very probably the brother of Malthe Friis, married to Mariane Wiborg who is probably Elisabeth Wiborg's sister or other close relation.
Any information on "Capitaine Jørgensen ved Søe-Etaten" would be welcome.

More on his parents Michael Sødring and Elisabeth Wiborg

The Life of Jens Malthe Nicolai Sødring at Køng Museum website
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