Wonston,  Hampshire  -  Holy Trinity Church
12th century and later

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Notes in italics  from Hampshire and the Isle of Wight  by Nikolaus Pevsner and David Lloyd  (1967)
Yale University Press, New Haven and London. Other information from the church guide dated 2000.

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  Late Norman/Early English chancel and nave (late 12th and early 13th centuries). Early English lancet windows with trefoil arches in sides of chancel, and Perpendicular window at east end (renewed in 1909).  North aisle added in 1825, with the current windows dating from 1871. Perpendicular west tower, c. 1520.
Of about 1200 the S doorway with its curiously imprecisely moulded round arch. 

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  Equally imprecise the mouldings of the chancel arch, which is, however, pointed. The responds are triple, and the capitals go from a design derived from decorated trumpet scallops just going stiff-leaf to stiff-leaf proper, mostly of tripartite, fleur-de-lis-like leaves. (The church guide dates the chancel arch to c.1170; certainly very early for a pointed arch). The church was gutted by fire in 1908 and restored by Sir T.G. Jackson. Due to him is the elegant N arcade of slender, finely and continuously moulded piers and arches. (However, the church guide dates the arcade to 1871 when extensive works were carried out.)  

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North wall of chancel with its Early English lancets - Trace of earlier east window - Looking west in nave

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Font. 1872. Elaborately neo-Perp, with close foliage panels.
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