Winchester,  Hampshire  -  St John the Baptist Church
13th-15th century

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Notes in italics from Hampshire and the Isle of Wight by Nikolaus Pevsner and David Lloyd (1967)
Yale University Press, New Haven and London.

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Broad, unbuttressed SW tower with a Perp arch to the S aisle. Most of the windows are Perp too, though the history of the church is more varied.

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The one exception externally is the spectacular window of the S chapel, which is late C13, of four lights, with three bar-tracery circles, two quatrefoiled, the large top one septfoiled. Next to it is the rood-stair-turret, which oddly enough has its entrance from the E. The E view of the church along the street is three-gabled.

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Internally there are two arcades of c.1200 with round piers, trumpet-scallop (just one) or its reverse, i.e. concave-fluted capitals and pointed arches. ... Chandelier. Very big; dated 1791. ... The rood-screen is Perp and of one-light divisions.

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Views from south aisle, north aisle, and nave towards south-east chapel.

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There are remains of a contemporary N aisle W window, close to the arcade and thus indicating the narrowness of the original aisle. ... Screens. Between chancel and chapels C14 screen, a rarity in Hampshire. Shafts with shaft rings instead of muntins, and cusped ogee arches and cusped open spandrels. 

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In the widened N wall two lancet windows were discovered in 1958. In their splays are excellent C13 wall paintings. St John Evangelist and probably another evangelist in one window with foliage ornament above, St Christopher and a Bishop in the other, also with ornament above.

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Above altar in south chapel.


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