Whitchurch,  Hampshire  -  All Hallows Church
13th century

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Notes in italics from Hampshire and the Isle of Wight by Nikolaus Pevsner and David Lloyd (1967)
Yale University Press, New Haven and London.

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Externally all of 1866 (by Ferrey), except for the lower part of the W tower, which is dated 1716 and has a horizontally placed, keyed-in oval window above the doorway. Plate tracery, also lancets, also bar tracery. The tower carries a shingled broach-spire.

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  The tower arch is probably early C13, but altered. But the S arcade is genuine C13 work. Three bays, round piers, round abaci, single-chamfered arches. The N arcade is patently Perp. The piers have the four-shafts-and-four-hollows section and the arches three hollow chamfers. The E bays on both sides are of 1866. So is the chancel.
Font. Octagonal, Perp, with quatrefoils

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  Monuments. First of all an extremely interesting Anglo-Saxon gravestone, the front like that of a Roman gravestone of the Legions. Sir Thomas Kendrick dates it mid C9. The stone has an arched top and the front an arched recess in which is the demi-figure of Christ. The inscription runs along the top in Roman letters: Hic Corpus Frithburgae requiescit in pacem sepultum. ... (Here the body of Frithburge reposes buried in peace.) A notice in the church by the stone explains that it shows Jesus holding a book in his left hand while his right hand is raised in blessing (centrally on his chest). The stone was found embedded in the north wall during restoration in 1868.  

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Effigies of Thomas Brooke, died 1612, and his wife Susan (ne Foster).
Carved in chalk and showing traces of paint.
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