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18th-20th centuries

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The Wakes in Selborne was the home of the naturalist Gilbert White who wrote the greatly loved classic Natural History and Antiquities of Selborne (1789). The text is here.

Gilbert White's House been much extended since his time. Then it consisted of the blocks seen in the middle picture, except that on the left-most wing the bay and upper floor were added later. In White's time the external appearance of that wing was the same light malmstone as the rest, see old picture here. Last picture shows the front of the house.

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Gilbert White had the Great Parlour built in 1780. The decoration has been done in line with the most recent research. The Little Parlour in the third picture was the main parlour before the Great Parlour was built.

Gilbert White's bed-spread and hangings were made by his aunts.

The kitchen. It was a dining room for much of White's life.

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Plestor House opposite The Wakes is also built of the local malmstone. The mortar between the stones shows galleting, i.e. small stones inserted in the mortar for decorative effect.

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