Houses on The Point, Portsmouth
The Point, Portsmouth
  The Point is a peninsula on the northern edge of Old Portsmouth, between Portsmouth harbour mouth and the Camber. Broad Street runs through the middle from the Square Tower in the top left. The Spice Island Inn is in the foreground on lower right. Quebec House projects on the far right. The Round Tower can be glimpsed right of centre by the water's edge behind Tower House. (Photo taken from Spinnaker Tower).    Google Map  
Portsmouth, Broad Street - 2          Portsmouth, Broad Steet - 1
 Portsmouth, Broad Street - 3          
  Broad Street on the Point contains a few surviving old Georgian houses in the Portsmouth traditional style with canted or segmental bays. Some newer houses have been designed to blend in.  
Portsmouth, Spice Island          Portsmouth - Spinnaker from The Point
  On the tip of the peninsula a Georgian pub The Spice Island Inn and a view across to Gunwharf Quays with the Spinnaker Tower.  
Portsmouth, Bath Square          Portsmouth Sailing Club
  Round the corner is Bath Square with an attractive group of houses rebuilt or done up in Old Portsmouth style with bay windows. Then follows a building of the 1830s occupied by the Portsmouth Sailing Club since 1926.  
 Portsmouth on The Point          Quebec House, Portsmouth
  Opposite, on the water's edge, is Quebec House, a delightful two-storeyed weatherboarded house. It was built as a sea water bathing house by public subscription in 1754.  
Tower House and Round Tower, Portsmouth
  Tower House and the Round Tower. The house was occupied by the maritime artist  from 1906 until his death in 1931. It had been a complex of stores, chambers, wharves when the Wyllies converted it into a dream house for a maritime artist in which he could almost touch the ships passing by. More about Wyllie at Memorials & Monuments in Portsmouth.  
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