St Thomas the Martyr Church, Oxford

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Notes in italics from Oxfordshire by Jennifer Sherwood and Nikolaus Pevsner (1974)
Yale University Press, New Haven and London.

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St Thomas, Becket Street. So drastically restored that one is in doubt all the time what represents true evidence and what does not. The church was founded under the dedication of St Nicholas in 1141 by Osney Abbey.

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The chancel has three small round-headed windows, but the RCHM (Royal Commission on Historical Monuments) wisely calls them 'of C12 character'  ... and the small priest's doorway of the C13. Its door is covered with large ironwork scrolls - five tiers of them.

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The W tower is Perp, the N aisle is 1890 by H.J. Underwood.

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That leaves the nave S side, called 'modern' by the RCHM. But the two SE windows are Perp, although the two SW windows, each a pair of lancets, may have no evidence behind. However, the S buttresses look genuine and C13. ...

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Crest and date of 1621 on porch.
Memorial on east chancel wall.
East window.

In the corner of the churchyard, Combe House.

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