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Notes in italics from Oxfordshire by Jennifer Sherwood and Nikolaus Pevsner (1974)
Yale University Press, New Haven and London.

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St Giles' Street starts with the Martyrs' Memorial ... The project was devised by a low-church group to commemorate Cranmer, Latimer, and Ridley, burnt to death in Broad Street in 1555-6. ... The cross was erected in 1841-3, to the design of George Gilbert Scott, and proof at once that just as early as Pugin (whom he admired - martyrs or no martyrs) he had seen the light of Gothic perfection revived by strict archeological accuracy. ... The plan is hexagonal; there is the decorated lower part, the upper part with statues (by H. Weekes), and the elaborate spire. The details are all middle pointed, i.e. late C13 - except for the ogee canopies of the statues, which bring in the early C14. 

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Blackfriars, a Dominican priory, built in 1921-9 by Doran Webb. Domestic-looking facade of late-C17 character, with cross-windows ... Over the entrance an inscription tablet by Eric Gill, 1937.

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Nos. 46-45 is early C19, stuccoed brick, the first-floor windows arched and with iron balconies. Porch with square pillars.
No. 42
(left in second picture) has an iron balcony. No. 41 is a fine ashlar house of four bays and three storeys with tightly spaced windows. They have straight entablatures, except those on the second floor (not visible) ... Doorway with Doric columns and a broken pediment.
No. 38
(third picture), an eight-bay front of four storeys, rendered, with arched ground-floor windows. Simple iron balcony along the first floor. 

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No. 37 is later C18, with pedimented first-floor windows. Then a mid-C18 house of five bays, ashlar, with a doorway with Tuscan columns, a triglyph frieze, and a pediment. With Nos. 36-34 the end of St Giles' Street is nearly reached. Nine bays, three storeys, arched ground-floor windows. The balcony looks 1850 rather than earlier.

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Nos. 36-31 St Giles' Street. The street then becomes Woodstock Road with a long, two-storeyed stuccoed row of cottages called St Giles' Terrace, of c.1800.

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East side of St Giles' Street. Second and third picture: No. 16, the former Judge's Lodging, and now St. Giles' House ... Built in 1702, the best house of its date in Oxford. Seven-bay ashlar facade with a pedimented three-bay projection and quoins. Later, rather dull doorway with Doric pilasters and straight entablature. Gatepiers with gorgeous urns. ... Last picture: No. 15 is of four bays, also ashlar and three-storeyed. Door with columns in the fourth bay. No. 14, of three bays, ashlar. Three storeys and a later fourth. Rusticated ground floor. The middle window has a pediment. 

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