Romsey,  Hampshire

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Notes in italics from Hampshire and the Isle of Wight by Nikolaus Pevsner and David Lloyd (1967)
Yale University Press, New Haven and London.

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The market place is roughly triangular. In the middle statue of Palmerston by Matthew Noble, 1867. ...

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Town Hall. 1866 by Bedborough of Southampton. Three bays, brick, Italianate, insignificant.
Corn Exchange. Cornmarket, now Barclays Bank. 1864. Quite a different proposition. Surprisingly classical for its date. Three bays, giant Corinthian pilasters, pediment with sheaves, and a pitchfork. The windows were altered in the 1920s.
The Abbey No. 1 is of three bays and two and a half storeys with a one-bay pediment. Pretty doorway. 

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The Dolphin Hotel, three bays, white, with two bows on the first floor, and a one-bay l. attachment.

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Congregational Church, The Abbey (name of street), 1887-8 by Bonella and Paull, designed clearly to hold its own against the abbey. And this is indeed an outstandingly good job, very freely composed, including a gatehouse with tower through which the Abbey runs. The style is Perp, and the church itself is of nave and aisles, with three-light Perp windows, and an eight-light E window. ...

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The medieval house called King John's Hunting Box. It is a hall house of c.1230 with the hall on the upper floor. ... 

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Middlebridge Street No. 3. 17-18th century. Earlier timbered house fronted with brick (all headers), now white colour-washed.
Broadwater House, Late Georgian, brick, five bays, two and a half storeys, with one-bay pediment and pedimented doorway.
Middlebridge Street No. 91, Bath House, is small, of Bath stone, and decorated with masses of motifs by a maniac or an advertising monumental mason.

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Palmerston Street. On one side mostly Late Georgian cottages in terraces, on the other No.9 with an attractive porch with Roman Doric columns and metopes and paterae. No. 19 is timber-framed and has three gables. The r. third is considerably older than the rest - cf. the much heavier timbers. (The Manor House, erected c.1540).


Romsey Abbey


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