Hale, Hampshire - St Mary's Church

18th century

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Chancel and N transept N transept and nave West end of nave N transept Nave and S transept


The church was rebuilt in 1717 in baroque style by Thomas Archer from a 1633  chapel when he had the manor house, Hale Park (see below). The original brown ironstone of the chapel can be seen in the walls of Archer's church. Bulging Doric angle pilasters on all corners. Rectangular and arched window openings except for the many Victorian Gothic arched pairs. The roof is also Victorian.

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Transept doorways, north on the left, south on the right. Heavy volutes in the spandrels of the north transept. Replaced with doric triglyphs in the south transept. Rectangular window with keystone in north transept, semicircular window in south transept. The sections of the door jambs are typical Archer.

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View from nave to chancel. Shallow semi-elliptical crossing arches.

Thomas Archer's monument in the south transept and translation of Latin inscription. The monument was erected in 1739, four years before his death. Semi-reclining figure in Roman dress with his two wives on either side. Unknown sculptor.

Monument by Wilton in south transept to Henry Archer, died 1768, nephew of Thomas.

Views of Hale Park

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It is unclear how much of the design of the house is early 1700s by Archer and how much is Holland's re-modelling in c.1792. At the front, seven bays wide with a giant three-bay portico of Ionic columns and pediment. At the rear, a broad canted bay window with a central doorway. 


Also by Thomas Archer
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