Frejus, Cote d'Azur, France  -  Cathedral, Baptistry and Cloister

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Some information on the architecture provided.
More information
at the town's website (in French).

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Cathedral tower from south, east and north east.
12th century but octagonal stage added in the 16th century
Fortified tower of the old bishop's palace
next to the cathedral  (13-14th century)

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Baptistry  5th century

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Baptistry interior.  Roman columns of 2nd century.
Typical octagonal font of the period, which originally had columns at each corner and a cupola.

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Cloister  13th century, upper part 14th century

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14th century wooden ceilings replaced vaulted ceilings which could not take upper floor. Contain many paintings of people and beasts.

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The provost's house fronting the west side of the cloister  (13th century)

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16th century entrance to baptistry, cloister and cathedral.
Carved doors in entrance from 1530.

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Cathedral interior. Nave and north aisle 1000-1200 AD

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Former Bishop's Palace, now the town hall, on south side of cathedral

More information at the Frejus town website (in French)  


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