Swanston Village, Edinburgh
Swanston Village Approach
  Swanston village is situated just outside the southern edge of Edinburgh at the foot of the Pentland Hills. It reputedly dates from 1214 when a farmer Sveinn took a lease to work the land. As one approaches, it is the golf clubhouse and restaurant that stands out. The cottages are behind the trees. Behind those and on either side are the golf courses..  
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Swanston, Club House          Edinburgh from Swanston          Edinburgh from Swanston
  Close-up of the clubhouse and restaurant. Views back towards Edinburgh from above the village.  
Stevenson House                    Stevenson House, Swanston
  Swanston Cottage was built in 1761 by Edinburgh Council and raised to two stories in 1820. It is known for its connection with Robert Louis Stevenson. His parents leased it in 1867 when he was 17 and kept it until 1880. He stayed there in the holidays and went for long walks in the hills. It features in his novel St. Ives, where the main character of that name hides in the cottage while on the run.  
Swanston Village                    Swanston Village
  The picturesque group of cottages by a stream at the heart of the village.
They were restored by the city council in 1964.
  On the other side of the stream there is a separate row of white cottages. A little further away are the stone cottages of New Swanston with slated roofs, built on the three sides of a green around 1900.  
Swanston Old Farmhouse          Swanston Old Farmhouse          Swanston, The Old Schoolhouse
  The first two pictures show the Old Farmhouse, and the last the Old Schoolhouse.
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