Boarhunt,  Hampshire  -  St Nicholas Church
11th Century

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A Saxon church dated c.1064, consisting of nave and chancel. Windows are mostly Early English lancet windows of 1200s. Victorian bell-turret. 

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Saxon stone string course and lesene on east wall.

Blocked Saxon window in chancel north side, and blocked Saxon doorway in nave north side. The window opening is a stone slab with a cable moulding, set in a double-splayed frame.

Blocked Saxon doorway in chancel south side.

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Tudor window in nave south side.

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Plain unmoulded Saxon chancel arch, but with a raised band running above it. Recesses probably of the 1200s either side of the arch and continuing into the nave walls, possibly for side altars. (On south side, cut away by later Tudor window). 

South-east corner of chancel with Norman head. 

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Scroll painting on the south doorway arch.



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