Bentley,  Hampshire  -  St Mary Church
12th and 13th Centuries

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Tower, nave with aisles, chancel with south and north chapels.

Tower south side. Brick top is of 1700s

Tower west side. Windows appear to be Early English lancets of 1200s.

Late Victorian neo-Decorated north aisle wall.

Tower arch of c.1200.

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From nave through to chancel. The nave arcades and aisles are late Victorian, 1890, in neo-Decorated style.
Chancel Early Norman, i.e. before mid-1100s, although east window is much later (Perpendicular).

South windows of the Early Norman chancel.

Chancel side of north chapel piers with multi-scalloped capitals and square abaci, mid-1100s. Arches of 1200s finishing above the abaci.

Painted scrolls on one capital. 

The south chapel is from 1200s, Early English. Piers have plain capitals, round abaci. Lancet east window.


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