Bath - North and South Parades
18th century

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Notes in italics from North Somerset and Bristol by Nikolaus Pevsner  (1958)
Yale University Press, New Haven and London

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North Parade (east extension) - Duke Street (east and west) - North Parade (central block)

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View from North Parade towards Robert Adam's Pulteney Bridge, built 1770

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South Parade (central block) - Duke Street - South Parade (east extension)

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Pierrepont Street (west) - North Parade (west extension)

North and South Parades with Pierrepont and Duke Streets are one composition, laid out by John Wood the Elder in 1738 and built in 1740-48 as part of a projected Royal Forum for Bath which was to extend to the South. The Palladian schemes of composition are here complete and carried through with great skill and restraint. Long ranges (twenty-three bays, Duke Street twenty-five bays, South Parade twenty-nine bays) with accents on the ends and the centres, doorways with straight hoods on brackets or pediments on demi-columns. ...   


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