Bath - Milsom Street Area
18th century

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Notes in italics from North Somerset and Bristol by Nikolaus Pevsner  (1958)
Yale University Press, New Haven and London

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Milsom Street was begun in 1762, a few years after Gay Street and the Circus, but still designed by the elder Wood (who died in 1754). ... Originally the houses had bowed shop fronts. ... Typical first-floor windows of Wood: straight cornice, pediment, straight cornice. ... 

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On the right side a grander composition, carrying on the principle of Queen Square, though now in a position where the distance is lacking to appreciate the uniformity of a seventeen-bay facade. This group, called Somersetshire Buildings, is by Baldwin, 1782. ... Side and middle accents by giant attached Corinthian columns. The centre is in addition curved forward. ... No. 46 a little lower down has an individual and quite different facade. It dates from c.1904.
St Michael's church in Broad Street, looking down Green St from Milsom St. 1835-7 by G.P. Manners. Early English motifs of stepped lancet windows etc.

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The bottom of Milsom Street runs into Old Bond Street. Wood's houses on the right, c.1760-9, and a narrow range with Venetian windows on the left of c.1780. The end facade has a niche with a marble putto, and above, the royal coat of arms in Coade stone.
The Royal York Hotel in George Street (third picture) is by the younger Wood 1765-9. George Street runs along the top of Milsom Street (see middle picture in top row)
In Quiet Street running off Milsom Street the former bazaar, latest Georgian, of nine bays with a three-bay centre holding an Adamish tripartite arched window. ...

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General Hospital (Royal Mineral Water Hospital), Upper Boro' Walls. Built by the elder Wood in 1737-42. (He gave his services gratuitously, Ralph Allen donated the stone and Beau Nash organized subscriptions.) Originally two-storeyed (the attic storey was added in 1790). Eleven bays long, with a three-bay attached portico. The unfluted Ionic columns rise from the ground floor and carry a pediment. A new block of mildy similar design was put up to the right in 1850-9 by Manners & Gill (last three pictures - the carving within the pediment is of the Good Samaritan.)


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