Bath - Beau Nash's Houses
18th century

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Notes in italics from North Somerset and Bristol by Nikolaus Pevsner  (1958)
Yale University Press, New Haven and London

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The present entrance to the Theatre Royal was Beau Nash's first house. It was built in 1720 by Thomas Greenway (and so was pre-Wood). The mouldings of window frames and of frieze are characteristically overdone, as are the volutes of the brackets of the door-hood.  Wood criticizes its 'profuse ornament' and calls it typical of a mason as against an architect.
Above the doorway a bust of Garrick by Gahagan, 1831.
The ticket office and entrance vestibule is by C.J. Phipps, 1862.

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Beau Nash's second house is the northern neighbour of the Theatre Royal. The S doorway has two attached Corinthian columns and an excellently carved architrave, somewhat in the Kent manner. Two eagles on plinths stand on the door-hood.

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