Bath - Asssembly Rooms and surroundings
18th century

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Notes in italics from North Somerset and Bristol by Nikolaus Pevsner  (1958)
Yale University Press, New Haven and London

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The Assembly Rooms, just east of the Circus, between Bennett Street and Alfred Street (see below). It was severely damaged in the Second World War but subsequently restored.
Large and noble block by the younger Wood, built in 1769-71. ... The building consists of two oblong main blocks marked by their simple widely-spaced upper windows with pediments. Above them square windows. The two blocks contain the Ball Room and the Tea Room, both going through two storeys. Along the Ball Room front (i.e. on the N side) runs a one-storeyed Tuscan colonnade. ... In the middle between the two blocks the main entrance portico, Tuscan with pediment. ...
The canted bay on the E side is a projection of the large octagon room.

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Bennett Street (first picture), Russell Street (second two pictures) and Alfred Street (below), are all by the younger Wood, c.1768-74. ... At the top of Russell street in Rivers Street a bay-window as a point de vue.

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No. 14 Alfred Street has an unusually elaborate doorway with a bust of King Alfred over.

Assembly Rooms interior
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