Avington, Berkshire  -  St Mark and St Luke
12th Century

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Notes in italics from Berkshire by Nikolaus Pevsner (1966) Yale University Press, New Haven and London.

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Nave west end and south porch Chancel south side Chancel east end Chancel north side

A memorable little church ... entirely Norman (12th century), with nearly all the windows original ...
Lower 13th century window on chancel south side.

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Nave north side with 13th century blocked doorway

Norman S doorway with diverse zigzags.
16th century door.

Inside more thrills to come, the broad, rather sagging chancel arch with scallop capitals, beakhead, zigzag at r. angles, and pellets in the arch, and capitals of open-mouthed beasts.

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13th century doorway at the east end of the nave

The chancel is of two bays, and it was once rib-vaulted. The responds have scalloped capitals, the ribs of the first bay had beakhead (a unique motif?) ...

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East end of chancel

FONT. Even this is Norman, and it is moreover exceptionally interesting. Tub-shaped, eleven narrow arches with figures squeezed in ...


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