Ancestors of Anna Alma Jensen:   Hans Thorvald Jensen   Marie Magdalene Lindegaard Jensen   Jens Peter Jensen   Anne Louise Løje Jensen
Christian Peter Lindegaard   Annike Kirstine Sørensdatter   Ole Jensen   Zissel Catrine Jacobsdatter   Jacob Johansen Løje   Maren Pedersdatter
Peter Christian Lindegaard   Maren Jørgensdatter   Søren Olsen Rasmussen   Johanne Hansdatter   Jens Hansen   Anna Nilsdatter   Christian Mathiesen
Anna Malene Christensen   Jørgen Jørgensen   Mette Petersdatter   Mathias Zander   Karen Mathissen   Christian Pedersen  Zander Mathiesen   Cathrine Zanders

Index of All Ancestors

Ancestors of Anna Alma Jensen

Further ancestors discovered after the chart was created: Søren Rasmussen's parents were
  Rasmus Jørgensen (born c.1754 in Nysted and died 1828 in Nysted)
  Abel Olsdatter (born 1760 in Nysted and died 1827 in Nysted)
  They married in 1793 in Nysted

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